Features Overview


IT Assessment and Planning

We work with you to learn and understand your operating challenges, goals, and expectations in order to customize a technology plan to fit your objectives and budget.

Reactive Response and Repair

One size does not fit all, most IT support companies want you to change to their model of support or else.  We can provide proactive managed support services designed to fit your needs and budget.  Or allow you to call us when you have a problem and just have basic maintenance scheduled as needed.

Either way with just a phone call, our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you determine the best way to move forward.

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Network and Security Services

The security of your network against cybercrimes is a top priority for today’s organizations. You need to know your data and equipment are safe from all threats, external and internal without sacrificing your employees’ ability to get work accomplished. Safeguarding your network while allowing your company to work fluidly via remote users and vendors, email communications, and more, can be easily achieved with a customized plan from AsuroIT. We will help you to comply with all of your security requirements, including government regulations, while keeping your organization agile.

Service Desk

Our service desk personnel are available to assist you with all operating systems, office applications, software, hardware, server, printer, scanner and smartphone questions. Your staff can rely on our experience and knowledge to assist them with any and all questions or issues that arise.

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Vendor Management

Have one point of contact to manage all of your vendors. Utilize our experience in dealing with vendors to ensure you are getting the most out of each one. Imagine all the time you’ll be able to put towards lost productivity when you can call one contact and they will spend the time working with your vendors whenever needed. Envision your phone company, application vendors, equipment vendors, ISP, and other vendors working hard to meet your goals and needs with just one phone call to AsuroIT.

Network and Mobile Computing

With our assistance, the many options available for network and mobile computing can be custom designed to work within your organization’s operating procedures and demands.

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Remote Storage

Data backups are only effective if they are available and usable when needed. And a catastrophic event is not the only reason we need backups. How many times have you lost data from a day or more due to poor quality backups when a critical server or system died?

Your data can be safely encrypted on-site and backed up to an off-site location, easily accessible to you via the internet whenever needed.